"Following a serious illness I became very depressed and aggravated the depression by drinking alcohol. The drinking escalated to a point where I was causing great distress to my wife and family and became a danger to myself. Everyone was telling me I needed help but I was adamant I didn’t, I wouldn’t attend group therapy sessions (not for me) and attending a rehab clinic did not appeal. I am a very private person and wasn’t prepared to discuss or share my problem with others. The family, after an internet search, discovered Edward. I read the testimonials on his web page and realised this may be the way forward to tackle my problems. I arranged a clinical consultation which my wife also attended. We both felt comfortable with Edward and I agreed to attend six sessions spread over a few weeks. Today I feel more positive and no longer rely on alcohol. Edwards calming influence, support and directional advice, without doubt, has contributed to my recovery. Knowing that I can contact Edward at any time in the future is comforting and reassuring. Thank you Edward."


"I can't thank Edward enough for his help. I feel like he's saved my life. At the very minimum he has helped me regain a life worth living.

It was clear from my first telephone call with Edward that he was a calm, genuine and caring guy. 

When I called on Edward for help, I was in a desperate and thoroughly miserable place, struggling to function day-to-day. I was struggling to make sense of a recent traumatic experience which had caused my life to completely fall apart.

At our first meeting Edward shed light on the dynamics of what had happened to me, giving me a roadpath to eventual closure and importantly, giving me hope: a glimmer of light in the darkness.


I was impressed with Edward's ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly; he absolutely nailed it each time I brought him a different aspect of my problems, which were multi-faceted in nature. 

He was able to draw together common themes and help me understand myself better. Through his encouragement I received the final push that I needed to take the initiative in several different situations and take back control of my life.

He's been a fantastic ally through horrific times. Through Edward's help, I started to put my life back together, piece by piece.

Edward is an absolute gentleman with a sharp intellect coupled with solid knowledge and insight. We enjoyed a few good laughs too along the way. Thanks a million..." (Gosforth/2019)

"My previous journey(s) with counselling/talking therapy met with mixed results. With Edward however, I found a trusting, understanding listener who enabled me to move forward from a dark period. I have no doubts that his reflections paved a new way if ‘you reach rock bottom’. I found Edward incisive, helping clarify my difficult past life/work experiences. He helped enormously to identify patterns of behaviour/thinking that clouded my judgement; my day to day troubled existence and to reframe my thinking. It wasn’t easy. But it was worth persevering. And today is better. I feel secure that I will pick up again with Edward if the wheels are coming off. Recognising I needed help for multiple issues, such as addiction, loss (work, bereavement, friends, home life) I found with Edward a counsellor who could herd and guide my thoughts into a more manageable place." (Gosforth/2019)

"I thank Edward for his knowledge and skilled intervention which has assisted me to quit this opiate habit, something I had been unable to successfully do previously despite many attempts. I would not hesitate in recommending Edward as his input has changed my family life immensely. I am unsure whether I would be here now writing this if it were not for him. So a big thank you Edward for helping me with my addiction, likely saving my marriage and possibly saving my life. THANK YOU!!” 

Thank you so much for your help, we are starting to see a real difference in our lives since your input."(Durham/2019)

"Edward assisted me in dealing with some difficult matters that had occurred many years ago.

He challenged me to understand and accept complex concepts and enabled me to apply them to my own situation. I had previously seen a number of professionals who were unable to to help me to progress to my current level of well being.

Due to the work that I did with Edward I am now able to cope when I am going through difficult times. I would recommend Edward as a therapist who helped me change my life." (Middlesbrough/2018)

"I had been struggling with food addiction for several years, I had seen multiple counsellors and doctors during that time and never made progress. My time with Ed has been totally different to previous experiences. With an approach that allowed me to understand the root of my problem and highlighted exactly what steps I needed to take before it all began to fall in place. I now have found  a totally different perspective around myself, through food and within myself. Ed has a great mix of a friendly and professional attitude that makes opening up and being honest much easier to do. I am so thankful for the lessons Ed has taught me and I could not recommend him enough."(Durham/2018)

"I have found Edward to be a compassionate and insightful therapist during my sessions with him. His engagement and understanding were refreshing, especially to anyone new to the process who may be nervous. He is easily approachable which i found makes him equally easy to open up to. Edward's style helped me to pry into difficult areas without ever feeling forced. I could not recommend him more highly." (Newcastle/2017)

"I found Edward a great help when I was dealing with depression and anxiety, and a crisis brought to the surface by alcohol. He helped me to find my way again without being in any way judgemental or prescriptive. I particularly liked the fact that his sessions were relaxed  - for someone who finds it hard to talk about personal matters, I found myself able to talk openly and without fear, even when I was at my most anxious.  His therapeutic technique was effective for me, both when I started and was in need of urgent help, as well as later on when things had settled down. I never felt talked down to, and his therapy was gentle and intuitive. I also appreciated that Edward was flexible in terms of sessions - I was able to take breaks, and to fit  around my work and home commitments. I am grateful to Edward and I  recommend his approach to therapy wholeheartedly." (Middlesbrough/2017)

"Edward immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. I believe he demonstrates the right balance between empathic listening and directive commentary. Within a few sessions he enabled me to view a difficult family situation from an alternative perspective resulting in me moving on from my past. I would highly recommend to anyone." (Middlesbrough/2017)

"Before I came to counselling, everyday was a battle. Doubting myself in everything I did, all because of anxiety. Within two quick sessions I have learned that something which was causing me such a problem could be fixed so simply. I have gone from doubting everything to being able to make composed decisions and feeling like I have control. Would thoroughly recommend to any who may be struggling!!" (Durham/2017)

"I would just like to say many thanks for your help and support with my anxiety problems . You have helped me to understand why and what was happening , explaining it to me really helped a lot . I can't thank you enough for listening to me and talking me through everything and explaining how to deal with things." (Durham/2017)

"I am doing really well at the moment and managing to hold down my job and coming down on my meds and want to say thank you so much for how much you've helped me....you helped me massively and I'm so grateful" (Durham/2017)

"I was having a very challenging time when I first came to see Edward and this involved my entire family, in particular my partner and young son. Edward always listens and this feels very genuine; as a result you can begin to make sense of what's been going on in your personal life because he is able to explain what's happening. This has been invaluable, as I was faced with some very dark experiences that I've been able to make sense of and shift a huge sense of shame and self blame. I've been able to revisit some very frightening and painful experiences with Edward's guidance and support and I'm really pleased I (and my partner, as we also came together) found someone who had the capacity to handle the situation, cut through the confusion and reach a safe place. I'm really grateful; Edward is flexible, very skilled and also really funny ! It's very rewarding to think the work you can do with Edward will benefit others and particularly the future of your young children." (Newcastle/2017)

"Speaking to Edward Conn has proved helpful .... I have learned this through having several sessions with Edward, and I have found him to be an intellect I enjoy confiding in with my issues" (SKYPE/Saudi Arabia 2014)

'Working with Edward has given me a safe space to re-write my traumatic life story, allowing me the opportunity to shed feelings of blame, guilt, shame and self-loathing. After 46 years this has come as a bit of a revelation, yet Edward has kept me safe throughout this difficult time with genuine understanding and validation. I have felt truly heard in every session and now feel strong enough to start a new journey with the right people around me. Developing a sense of self-worth will allow me to make this journey with love and respect for who I really am - not who I thought I was or who I was told I was.


Seeking help when you are in a vulnerable position can be intimidating and I was no different. However, on meeting Edward any worries I had quickly evaporated. His laid back, flexible and gentle way of working has proved invaluable to me and I would not hesitate to contact him again in the future. To anyone who is contemplating support I would recommend that you contact Edward who holds a wealth of knowledge and experience; ultimately he can help to make sense of this complicated world we live in!' (Durham/2016)

"Ed’s consultation with me over Skype was exactly what I needed. He was able to consider all angles of the issues I came with, some addictive behaviors, anxieties, see them in the frame of my developmental history. The personal insight that Ed offered me went far beyond what I could have got from clicking around the internet. There’s a breadth to his knowledge that’s deeply reassuring, and pragmatism to his intellect which helped keep our discussions grounded, and in the end allow me to organise my thoughts enough to take my decision, but also review other aspects of my life. Even in that one, two- hour session, he helped show me the roots of some of my behaviors, give me a sense of perspective on my own journey thus far, for which I’m very grateful. " (London/2016)

"I'd like to thank you for the holding and the support you have given me. You've helped me make sense of some difficult issues and times in my life through being with me and hearing my words - both spoken and sometimes unspoken." (Newcastle/2016)

"I went to therapy at a time when I was feeling lost and confused. Edward helped me acknowledge and understand my self so I was able to understand my responses to others', forgive my mistakes and begin to find and engage my personal strengths again. This has helped me set boundaries in relationships which are more fitting with my authentic self. It was also reassuring to have someone keeping an eye on my mental state when I was unexpectedly faced with trauma in my personal life. Edward was flexible, consistent and patient and has helped me evolve and grow and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him again in the future." (Middlesbrough/2015)

"Edward helped me find clarity among the confusion, he was direct and talked to me in a way I could understand. He gave me what I needed to move forward on an issue.  I did not need session after session, he framed it in as short as time as possible, in other words he won't have you paying out more than you need to! I would recommend him and if i need help in the future i will be certainly contacting him." (SKYPE/Scotland 2015)

"Having spoken to you, it helped me to realise why I felt so withdrawn and subdued - that  was the beginning of my new journey into reforming my life again as a person. I have since decided to leave a business I started with friends that was causing me added stress and anxiety and am now focusing on myself and doing the things that bring me joy inside, like art, yoga and photography -things I've allowed to slip to the wayside because life got in the way. I'm also going to go traveling to focus on my inner emotional and spiritual healing.


I have been able to make these decisions, because you helped me to process mentally what I had gone through and accept that it was not a quick fix, but a catalyst in venturing on a new journey of self awareness and healing and understand now that this is going to take some time. It has been incredibly beneficial having that time with you.


I hope you can use the above in some way as a testimonial for your site and that you continue your work in aftercare." (Skype/London 2015)

"I had a pretty hard crisis when my partner left me for a new one, my dog ran away and my health was declining rapidly. All at the same time. I fall in a deep hole of depression and hopelessness. I never imagined that it could go this deep. At this point i needed help. But I refused and began drinking away my problems after a long period of using stimulants and so called designer drugs or new analogues. Months later not much had changed.


I decided to get someone to talk too. My friends and family were not very helpfull dealing with my situation. They are not professionals. What I learned, in serious life crisis you need a pro who is neutral! So I went to the first psychotherapist around the corner. I felt no connection to the guy. I was not sure if he is interested getting me out of the situation.


So I asked a natural doctor if he knows a psychotherapist that knows his stuff and is dedicated to help. This way I got refered to Edward Conn.


After the first session with Ed it was clear that he really wants to help me out out of this miserable situation. What can i say about Ed?


First of all he is flexible and easy to reach no matter where I am via Skype. Fast appointments at short notice too. He charges way less than what I payed to the other guy. Really great is his experience with addiction, women and depression. It helped me alot to get my situation changed so I could fix myself. Thats what i wanted. Get out of the Depression. After approximately 10 Sessions I was over the worst of it. We did a few more and with that found alot what went wrong in the past and what has to be changed in the now. And most importantly make peace with the past and looking forward to a happy future again.


I wished i would got me some help like Ed's earlier. Ed is a real friendly guy, who knows his stuff without being a dry psychotherapist. But just talk to him and you will know. So thank you Ed for you excellent service and fast recovery to anybody who reads this." (Skype/Austria 2015)

A selection of experiences from individuals who have undertaken the intensive addiction programs and others who have had therapeutic support for a wide variety of issues.

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