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A selection of experiences from individuals who have undertaken the intensive addiction programs and others who have had therapeutic support for a wide variety of issues.

"Following a serious illness I became very depressed and aggravated the depression by drinking alcohol. The drinking escalated to a point where I was causing great distress to my wife and family and became a danger to myself. Everyone was telling me I needed help but I was adamant I didn’t, I wouldn’t attend group therapy sessions (not for me) and attending a rehab clinic did not appeal. I am a very private person and wasn’t prepared to discuss or share my problem with others. The family, after an internet search, discovered Edward. I read the testimonials on his web page and realised this may be the way forward to tackle my problems. I arranged a clinical consultation which my wife also attended. We both felt comfortable with Edward and I agreed to attend six sessions spread over a few weeks. Today I feel more positive and no longer rely on alcohol. Edwards calming influence, support and directional advice, without doubt, has contributed to my recovery. Knowing that I can contact Edward at any time in the future is comforting and reassuring. Thank you Edward."

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