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CASE STUDY 8: Alcohol "I can't stop"

Rectifying the normalisation of alcohol use as a lifestyle pattern, despite many failed attempts to change.


This case illustrates well the nature of how lifelong habits of drinking alcohol can be rectified in a rapid and straight forward manner when approached in a comprehensive but simply directed manner. 

The approach being one that frees up the person, rather than focusing solely on the alcohol consumption and its negativity alone.  

What is enabled through the process is a depth of personal change that emerges through the optimisation of the body/brain relationship. Mental clarity, emotional understanding, improved sleep, regulation of mood and physical health benefits like weight loss. 

It is the focusing on optimisation and corrections within the person as a functioning whole which then affects the relationship to alcohol itself. This is unique to this therapeutic addiction recovery method and results in a level of personal change that is over and beyond the reduction in alcohol consumption itself. 

The results are satisfying as life is renewed with a sharpening of mind, emotion, body and relationships.  



As a woman who had recently become 60 years old, the milestone of this birthday made me think deeply about my health and wellbeing. At this age, my Mum had been diagnosed with bowel cancer which resulted in a ongoing battle for 7 years. I didn't want health concerns: I wanted to feel well and healthy for myself and my family. I wanted to be able to feel present and to be around for my future Grandchildren. 

I have been an avid reader of all the ‘quit alcohol’ books and listened to many Podcasts on how to stop drinking alcohol and living an alcohol-free life. I understand and appreciate how harmful alcohol is to the human body, the damage that it does to our lives and have read and listened to how chemically it is so dangerous to our health. Yet, armed with all this knowledge I still couldn’t give up! 


Through a counselor friend I was passed the contact details for Edward Conn, he came highly recommended having seen firsthand his brother turn his life around from long term alcohol problem with Edwards assistance as his addiction therapist.  

> Following a consultation over Skype where Edward explained his method and approach to alcohol recovery, my issues and desired outcomes, my journey started. The treatment process would take place online as I’m in the South and Edward in the North of England,  

What I wanted was to quit alcohol completely. I was tired of the continuous cycle I was stuck in, drinking too much too quickly and getting drunk. My sleeping was badly affected waking multiple times in a night and the following days experiencing feelings of shame and regret. 

I had had some success in the past for small periods of time, a 30-day stint in the first lockdown, which was helped by having had all my adult children and their partners living with me. I knew for all our relationships sake it was important! 

But what evaded me was staying off it......I always went back to drinking and it would quickly escalate right back to the amounts I had drunk before. 

Despite all my best efforts, advice, knowledge and resources available to me I would end up back in the same old pattern of drinking. 

I needed something different. 

What I noticed with Edward was that how he engaged with me was very different from traditional counsellors . He has a method that is simple, he explains what he is doing clearly and interprets my behaviour and what I am experiencing in ways that make sense. It was this detailed. insightful approach which guided me to be able to understand the complex nature of what I was doing and how to move past it. I was understanding and observing the changes that began to occur, in short and most importantly it worked. 

Edward has successfully worked with many kinds of addictions over the years, and this gave our sessions a level of interest and depth which was unique. 

There was a structured, but open approach, he asked me to journal how I was feeling and make notes of significant insights including my dreams. The sessions were weekly, and we would review through what had happened with each one.  

I noticed changes; my brain was changing, I was changing, and I was noticing my thoughts and becoming aware of them. I was becoming more emotionally intelligent. My behaviour and choices were becoming clearer and making sense to me. 

Over the course of my treatment I experienced many different life situations with my family and friends, going on holidays and even the death of a dear friend. Yet, throughout I didn’t drink any alcohol.  

I became increasingly more aware of my feelings and thoughts, which helped my confidence to grow. I slept amazingly every night. My energy levels increased, and I was consistently losing weight every week. I had been a dieter all my adult life, now alcohol was no longer derailing that. My life was enriched, I felt an incredible calmness and I could think clearly and process my decisions in a calm manner. My marriage is happier as a result.  

Before treatment, when I was drinking, I was tense and sometimes argumentative as I was sometimes reactive, now my marriage is happier because of all these changes. 

I reached many milestones through the sessions and have been alcohol free through holidays and even most recently Christmas. 

If any of my words resonate with you. Please get in touch with Edward. You will not regret it and you too can live a healthier, calmer life. 

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