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Video and Media Library

Below are a selection of films, documentaries or videos for information purposes. 

'Richard Burton on Alcoholism'

'Detox or Die'

BBC1 Documentary follows David Graham Scott taking radical new heroin detox by Edward Conn (2004)

'Outsider Art' - Turning The Art World Inside Out. Mental Health/Creativity.

'The Truth about Depression'

BBC Documentary 2013

Robert Lenciewicz - Modern Master. 

Various Anxiety V's Depressive disorders

University of California Educational TV

'Waking Universe: Spiritual Emergency'

Catherine G. Lucas, author of "In Case of Spiritual Emergency" discusses finding tangible ways of coping with spiritual, emotional and mental crisises. 

'Psychology of the Future'

Dr Stanislav Grof 


Dr Grof pioneer of psycholytic therapy, lectures on 'non ordinary states of consciousness' and their impact and role in changing our understanding of human psychology and consciousness as understood in current psychological models (2009)

'Dr John Rowan on Transpersonal Psychotherapy'


A discussion with Dr Richard House on psychotherapy excellence

How to Protect Yourself from Emotionally Challenging People

Practical advice on how to protect yourself from those people who drain your energy. Managing these relationships better.

Four Relationship Mistakes that People Commonly Make

Pinpointing common problem areas that cause relationship breakdown and how to address / change them.

Understanding Trauma

How Stress and Trauma cause chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

Bullying in the Workplace

Dr. Gary Namie explains the four main types of workplace bullying tactics.

Workplace Bullying

What bullying is and what it is not

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