If you are feeling low, guilty, can't sleep properly at night, feeling suicidal or worrying unneccesarily you may be suffering from depression. 

Are you feeling unusually stressed, panicky, uncomfortable in social situations, fearful of going out or have experienced a panic attack? If so you could be experiencing anxiety.

Have you lost a loved one and could benefit from support. Struggling to come to term with your loss or deal with the pain?

Are you experiencing problems in your relationship, or in work or with friends? Si this causing you distress?

Are you drinking too much, affecting your quality of live or health? Looking for a way of cutting back and wanting to get control back again? Have you suffered trauma and need support?

Have you got a problem with drugs that you want to change, are you looking for advice and guidance?

Need support with spiritual matters, or expereinced a spiritual crises and looking for appropriate support?

Have you experienced a traumatic event and it is still haunting you, do you need support in being able to move on? Has abuse occure in your life and you need resolution?

Have you or are you experiencing being bullied, is this something which is affecting your life or work? Is bullying making you feel fearfull, victimised and paranoid?

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