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"In psychology one possesses nothing unless one has experienced it in reality. Hence a purely intellectual insight is not enough, because one knows the words and not the substance of the thing from inside." Carl Jung (Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self)

Edward Conn is a very experienced and skilled Transpersonal  and counsellor psychotherapist with twenty five years experience working with complex issues both in private practice and the public sector. He has specialised in the treatment of drug and alcohol conditions and practices as a Dual Diagnosis clinician.

He offers therapeutic services for a wide variety of conditions and is able to bring instinctive and quick insight and help to many conditions that he is presented with. He draws on many years of experience, a broad and varied training background and a vast resource of personal experience and knowledge.


Edward has pioneered the use of psycho-spiritual and Transpersonal theories to the field of addiction and recovery. In the early nineties prior to becoming a qualified therapist while living in London he was a partner in  an alternative health facility. This involved adjunctive support for people with Multiple Sclerosis, H.I.V, cancer, addictions and much more. This interest and his progressive thinking and fearless approach to helping people with serious health issues later led to being featured on BBC1 television as part of the 'One Life' Series, where he treated documentary film maker David Graham Scott for a long standing heroin addiction. David has gone on to become a powerful and vocal treatment advocate and remains clean to this day.

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His pioneering and integrative work in the field of opiate addiction and recovery was recorded and published by Italian Doctor and alternative health pioneer Dr Fiamma Ferraro (M.B., B.Ch., BA.O.) for research into her book "Attacco Alla Droga. Con la Tabernanthe Iboga?" An acknowledged writer and researcher into holistic health and traditional healing.

Edward has also been featured in The Northern Echo, The Glasgow Herald and The Guardian.

Edward trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the eminent Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London as well as at Teeside University for Dual Diagnosis and Complex Substance Abuse in the North East of England. He has a local, national and international client base and brings the highest level of knowledge and support to his clients. His professional life approach has been centred on cutting through poor information and general mediocrity in mental health and self help/mastery fields. Recognising that there is a paucity of affordable, accessible and practically effective treatment. 


Having worked with complex conditions for many years, in front line services as part of multi disciplinary delivery teams in conjunction with the NHS. Specialising in managing alcohol treatment facilities, setting up, running and managing treatment teams and delivering focused and effective psychotherapeutic programmes of change in demanding and challenging circumstances. Edward has a tried and tested knowledge base proven across a vast client base and wide ranging environmental field.  

Edward has trained with some of the pioneers in the fields of hypnotherapy, PTSD and bio-psycho-social approaches to mental health and well being. Experiences in early adulthood informed by Spiritual Emergency molded his ideas around practicality in the face of adversity, a continual need to learn and be resourceful while working against fierce odds and resistance. He brings an extremely  broad and rare spectrum of personal and learned experience and training to his work, utilising the whole aspect of his clients; their history, present circumstances and dreams for the the future. Focusing on their needs he brings real world sustainable change using intuition and insight to help clients realise their well being and potential. 


A down to earth and grounded individual he will offer comprehensive, intuitive and expert insights and support to his clients in a timely and practical manner that all can identify with. 

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