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We offer the highest level of professional support and quick response to your needs. Appointments arranged at short notice and your well being prioritised from day one.

Counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clinical appointments available in DurhamMiddlesbrough and Newcastle Upon Tyne immediately.


National and international online therapy available via Skype for overseas clients and our specialist services in complex psychological and addiction issues

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"When I called on Edward for help, I was in a desperate and thoroughly miserable place, struggling to function day-to-day. I was struggling to make sense of a recent traumatic experience which had caused my life to completely fall apart.

I was impressed with Edward's ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly; he absolutely nailed it each time I brought him a different aspect of my problems.

He was able to draw together common themes and help me understand myself better. 

He's been a fantastic ally through horrific times. Through Edward's help, I started to put my life back together, piece by piece.

Edward is an absolute gentleman with a sharp intellect coupled with solid knowledge and insight. We enjoyed a few good laughs too along the way. Thanks a million...."

Edward Conn in North East Love   
Featured in a information piece about addiction and recovery. Can be viewed here.
Edward Conn in The Guardian     
Contributed contact resources,  referential experience and ethical treatment protocols to journalist Alex Hannaford for his feature piece on Ibogaine and heroin treatment in the international arena. 

Edward Alexander Conn





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