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Pornography use escalates to dependency over a period of a few years: Rectified with eight week intensive program.


The use of pornography and the methods of how pornography are consumed in a modern world have contributed to a massive increase of problematic dependency. This is a relatively modern phenomena and the old out fashioned modality of how to understand addiction really is not useful here to helping these people this just another disease, or a complex pattern of behaviour and reward that neurologically needs un doing? 

Like any compulsive behaviour the secondary risks can be as much if not more damaging than the primary. Modern liberal cultural politics tells us pornography is a luxury of sexual liberation. That might be well so, but intensive over stimulation via video on demand of sexual circuits and dopamine reward pathways tells a very different story. Real people living real lives are not watching pornography as a celebration of their cultural emancipation, they end up watching it because they can’t stop themselves and turn away.    

The losses can be very real, relationships and families can be broken up as partners become intolerant or even disgusted.  

Respecting the person, not labeling them someone with a deficiency, disease or addiction and treating them in a manner that both respects their dignity, is not salacious, and addresses the neurological re set that is required to free up free choice and decision making again is the right way forward. It is humane and effective.  

There is no need to understand the content, it is is how to undo the pattern that is central to fixing this issue.  

Even a skeptical person can be shown how change is a natural state of affairs when taught properly and accurately. It is our natural state.  

The case below illustrates a simplicity of process that involves no chemicals and is entirely stimulus based, showing the efficacy of my unique approach to addiction resolution and re setting neurological patterning and human behaviour. A proportion of this work was done during Covid lockdown, via telephone, further illustrating content over dogma as an effective treatment approach. 




Prior to my time with Edward, I was absolutely convinced that speaking to him was going to be a complete waste of time that wouldn't benefit me whatsoever. 

My personal addiction and my own ego, made me believe that seeking help was weak and I genuinely believed I would maybe have a couple of sessions just to tick some boxes, and go back to how I was previously. 

My first contact with Edward was via a telephone call. I explained my situation without much faith that anything he would say would be appealing to me. I was hugely mistaken. It is difficult to describe exactly what it was that Edward did to draw me in, I think perhaps it's his experience and knowledge that I first noticed. It was immediately apparent that he understood completely where I was coming from, and the initial responses he gave related to me massively. 

 I made the decision to have some sessions with Edward, and the impact he has had on me is indescribable. He not only helped me understand my addiction, but he showed me how to understand myself. This is the core of what he did that helped me the most. He showed me that instead of focusing on my addiction, if I focused on myself, and understanding what might be a 'trigger' for me, then I was in a much better place to handle the addiction. This also had a massive impact in my day to day life. By understanding myself better, I am more in tune with my feelings, and due to the methods Edward went through with me, I am in a better place in general. 

I think the way that Edward went beyond the addiction is what stands out to me. I thought it was going to be some cliche therapy which was what was unappealing to me initially. I couldn't think of anything worse than a broad 'one size fits all' method that I had seen on TV etc. Speaking to Edward, the focus was always on myself, on a personal level. Due to the sessions being this way, we discussed a wide variety of things, and he helped lay to rest some underlying issues that I hadn't realised were even a problem until now.  

He has made me a more confident, calmer and happier person than I think I have ever been previously, and I just feel an all round better person.  

I cannot recommend Edward enough. That initial skepticism and fear of speaking to someone, was very quickly replaced with knowledge and understanding. Anyone who does need any help I would massively suggest Edward's help. As cliche as it may sound, he has changed my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful. 

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