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The paint brush is mightier than the sword...

I consider therapy to be a type of art when done well, both for the client and for the therapist alike. It is an unchartered process with no clear idea of what the end result may be, but with a desire, a need, maybe a passion to get to and create something new...perhaps out of absolute necessity. It is a process of trust and building a relationship with the task in hand, a focused channeling of energy and intention and creative ideas toward a goal. It is a process of collaboration and one which should be marked by clear lines of change and a real sense of progress. At some point along the way the effort begins to pay off and the realisation of a change has been reached. The tipping point is when you start to see what you have applied your energies to, it begins to appear like something which is recognisable, worth persisting with and certainly much different from the starting point. At this point the road ahead becomes clearer and the effort feels worth while. Press on, real satisfaction and pay off lies ahead.....

Every process in life has to start with an idea loosely set out.

A little bit of thought and application begins to bring in structure and form.

The task should be done with enjoyment and good spirit and be considered an experiment.

Take time to stand back and observe the direction in which you are headed...

The creative process is what makes life dynamic and makes change occur, the translation of what is to be into that which has become. It is an art in itself. Through learning how to trust and develop our creative drives, work with feelings, sense, intuitions and take gambles anything can happen and we become masters of our own destiny. Creators rather than followers of given sets of patterns...we truly become our Selves, we might even Become Whole.

Eventually through persistence you can start to get to where you want to be.

Creativity is at the heart of problem solving, it is the art of bringing into being that which did not exist previously and can be applied to all matters. It does not need to start with a clear vision, but more likely is a path to set out upon. What makes the difference is the manner in which it is persued. Being creative sharpens the mind, excercises our faculties and helps us grow as people. It also helps create a mindset within which the world becomes more fascinating and we are more deeply embedded in it. This does not need to be art, but can be anything which involves the application of the imagination, thought and action. Creativity is essential, creativity is life.

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