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Marie Louise von Franz: Feminism and the Animus

The implications of what is discussed here has grown in magnitude and is probably recognised by most today in some of the manifestations of conflictual anti male political expressions within the modern derivations of feminism. Understanding these mechanisms, the role of psychology when well explained, help us understand and navigate a healthier awareness of who and what we are and how we have come to be where we are. Stepping outside the modern forced narrative is essential to regaining perspective and orientation.

It could be posited that a projection of the animus onto the wider society creates a perception of a patriarchal dominance structure that needs to be deconstructed. As we see this occurring and other such manifestation, a sense of horror arises. Might this be why? Because the source of this identification is not tied to reality, but a manifestation of an inner over identification that is further being reinforced by media bodies. Madness is infectious, particularly if you don't know how to think, or can express yourself without fear of reprisal. Madness in those terms presents an escapism from derision and marginalisation. As you watch that happening to others it affirms your fears and offers you no escape. Keep silent and follow the line, or come to your sense and fight the invisible ghost.

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